Google Question Hub is a product of Google itself. In Google Question Hub, you will find all those questions which are searched a lot on Google. Competition is also low on the questions which are on Google Question Hub. Because no blogger has created any blog on these questions. Google Question Hub is given only to Blogger and Publisher.






There are many new bloggers who do not even know that what is Google Question Hub? They just start writing direct blog and in this way they are not able to do SEO of their content properly. Because of which his blog is not able to rank in the search engine. Don’t make this mistake at all.

If you are thinking of starting a new blog, then you can take help of Google Question Hub. You will find such questions in this tool, on which no content is written on anyone.

Since Google Question Hub is a tool of Google itself, then it is absolutely free tool for both Blogger and Publisher. Do you know that Google Question Hub is also available for  bloggers?

That’s why Google launched Google Question Hub. Google Question Hub helps Blogger a lot in finding the right content, which also increases Hindi Blog.

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How Does It Work?

Most of us think that Google has information about everything, or Google knows every problem’s answer. But, we are wrong. There are thousands of unanswered questions that internet users ask but don’t come up with the answer. That’s why Google launched Google Question Hub.

When people search for something on Google, they want to find what they want to search for. However, according to some reliable sources on the internet, 15% of searches on Google done by users daily have never been seen before. It is a huge number, right?

Google periodically collects all the questions asked in one place. This place is Google Question Hub. You can look at this toll and search for specific keywords or topics. Then, you can collect keywords and choose the best one. Once you have found the best keyword for your site, you will create your niche.

Now, we are going to look at the steps of adding questions on Question Hub. Verify your site ownership in Google Search Console: The first thing you need to know before starting is that you must have a site that has been verified in Search Console.

You must have a Google account, and this account needs to be linked to your Search Console site; otherwise, you can’t pass the second step.

Why is it necessary for Google Question Hub Publisher?

What is Google Question Hub? After knowing this, why is it important for Google Question Hub Publisher? This is also very important to know. Google is very innovative. Google keeps on doing some inventions for its visitors from time to time. One of which is the Google Question Hub tool.

There are many publishers who write their blog by doing keyword research. Google Question Hub can help even more in finding out about their correct Niche.

Publishers who publish their blogs earlier had a lot of trouble in writing blogs on  topics. Because they did not even know that what topics should be taken to write a blog.

It was not known what the people of India used to search on Google’s search engine. All the searches that were done were done in English because the number of bloggers writing blogs in English is more. That’s why most of the tools on Google are seen in English only.

You must be well aware that Google’s Algorithm is getting smarter day by day. Therefore, all the queries that come on Google have to be given exactly the right answer to Google. Only then Google’s bots try their best to answer their visitors in great speed. So that their visitors should be completely satisfied. If the visitor is satisfied, then there will be no need to search anywhere else.

Now since Google’s bots have a very limited time for each post, the publisher should keep the concept of your blog easy and impressive. So that when Google puts your blog in front of users, then users will get a good experience from your blog. Google Question Hub Free is the best option for the publisher to make your blog impressive.

How to answer on Question Hub?

There are many bloggers who find it difficult to answer on Question Hub, they do not even know what is Question Hub. But in this article you will get complete information about Question Hub. It is very easy to answer questions on Question Hub. Let me understand you how?

For this, first you have to sign up on questionhub.google.com. To sign up, you will need an email id with Google Webmaster.

As soon as you sign up, you will see the home page of Question Hub. After that you add questions by clicking on add questions.

you will get the Answer button on the side of the question, click on that answer button. And submit your Blog Post Link there.

What are the benefits of using Question Hub?

As you already know Question Hub has been launched some time back. So this platform will prove to be very good for both blogger and publisher. It can be used by both Bloggers like Hindi Blogger and English Blogger.

Advantages of using Question Hub?

1. New bloggers will get the idea to start their blog through Question Hub.
2. Bloggers who are already blogging but their blog is not able to rank well in the search engine. His Question Hub will prove to be very beneficial.
3. Old bloggers can also get their blog ranked well in Google’s search engine by taking new ideas from Question Hub.
4. With Question Hub, you can increase traffic on your website.And you can also improve the quality of your content.
5. Through Question Hub, you can answer those questions of users, they are searching on Google. With this you can gain the trust of the users.
6. Once users have trust on your website, then they themselves will come searching your website.


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